Monday, 16 July 2012

The Olympic in 3D

white bath towel from the White Star line
70cm x 50cm

A big ship, a big iceberg.
A sale of goods.
A lady buys some nice towels, she remembers the ship.
They get used .
They get put away.
They get put in a box when the house is cleared.
They are nearly used for rags.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Presented by Mrs Steppatt

glass dome, burnt 1930s wedding dress, spent matches, paper label.
30cm x 60cm.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Your eyes have been opened...

Angela Barrett  'Lady Macbeth'

  The recent show at the museum asked questions ....

Bruce Gilbert  'Flying Mole'

These were seen by Bruce Gilbert on a trip to Switzerland

Celia Ward ' Rubbish Dump Messiah'

 Moved by images of art created on vast rubbish dumps Celia Ward response was to produce an icon to sustainability.

Piers Jamson  'Wey Corridor'

 Piers Jamson lives a few seconds into the future which is why he knows what it will look like.

Susan Stockwell  'Glasses'

Susan Stockwell, textile designer, had to wear these glasses at the age of eighteen months.

                  Vanessa  Rolf  'Battle of Narvik'
Vanessa Rolf

Vanessa Rolf examined censorship during WW2.

and Rachael Matthews did this which opens more than eyes.


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