Thursday, 12 December 2013

The five boxes of emotional location

                                                                          3. anger

                                                                        5. jealousy

                                                                           2. loneliness

                                                                           4. loss

                                                                               1. love

chocolate boxes,scissors,tape measure,hair combs,suspender clips,brown labels

20cm x 15cm

A mistress keeps the chocolate boxes that her lover gives her and puts her sewing notions in them.
She lives by herself but they do eventually get married.
She has no children of her own.

Category rules

Museum artefact type 1:
   objects arranged in a case purposefully.
Museum artefact type 2:
   objects tampered with.
Museum artefact type 3:
   objects just named.
Museum artefact type 4:
    enigmatic objects.
Museum artefact type 5:
     objects recycled.

A button implicator

wooden object, view of portrait fragment.
60cm x 30cm

Fled is that music

glass dome perfume bottle, bent drawing pins, broken ear-piece.
10cm x 6cm


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